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     Frosty the Snowman is going to celebrate his birthday in a few weeks and he wants to dress up for the celebration.  He needs an outfit to wear and fast.

     Your job is to design a new outfit for Frosty and write a persuasive letter to convince him to wear the outfit you designed.

1. Design an outfit for Frosty. Make sure your idea is creative, colorful, and unique.  Remember, Frosty can't have anything that is too hot because he will melt. 

2. Write a letter to Frosty trying to convince him that your outfit is the best one for him to wear to his birthday celebration.  In the body of the letter include one paragraph that describes the outfit you designed and one paragraph that gives at least 3 reasons why Frosty should choose your design.  Use the links below (if needed) to review the correct letter writing format and how to write a persuasive letter.
Letter Generator

Persuasive Writing Prompts

Scholastic Website on Persuasive Writing

Letter Writing Resources

List of Persuasive Writing Websites

eTHEME website list on Letter Writing

3.  Turn in your rough draft of your letter.  Your teacher will conference with you to edit and make corrections.

4. Rewrite (or type) the letter and make all necessary corrections.

5. Turn in the final draft for evaluation.

6. Include a colored picture of the outfit you designed with your letter. 

Heading - contains address, city, state, zip code, date in the correct location, capitalization, punctuation , and spelling   10
Greeting - contains salutation, name with correct location, capitalization punctuation and spelling  10
Body - two paragraphs, indented correctly, correct location, capitalization, punctuation and spelling 10
Closing - correct location, capitalization punctuation and spelling  10
Signature - in cursive, hand-written, correct location, capitalization punctuation and spelling
Content - two paragraphs (first paragraph describing the outfit you designed and  second paragraph listing at least 3 reasons to choose the outfit you designed) Creative, original, and persuasive 40
Picture - picture included with letter, contains a complete outfit, in color 15