*Check your children frequently! After a bath or shower ticks are moving.

*Always check your children when they have been outside, in tall grass,

the woods, and even your flower gardens. Ticks sit on the tips of grass and

drop from trees and leaves onto warm, moving bodies.

*Heads are the most common place for ticks to go once they are "on board" a body.

*Check "cozy" places: between toes, behind knees, belly buttons, arm pits and behind ears.

*Avoid sandals or flip-flops when walking outside.

* Protect and treat your pets with tick collars and/or tick medicines.

*Remove ticks immediately when found-

and disinfect the bite site, use a removal tool and your hands.

*Don't remove a tick with a hot match, petroleum jelly, liquid soap, nail polish, or rubbing alcohol. This may cause the tick to "spit" germs into the site where it is attached.

QUESTIONS ? Call your school nurse at (573) 687-2091

Your school nurse will notify you if your student has a tick removed at school.