2020-2021 Sturgeon School Bus Routes (WNBX-967)


#3 AM/PM, Vo-Tech - John Tracy

#9 AM/PM  - Bryan Perry

#4 AM/PM, Nana’s House  - Mildred Worley

#1 (Old #5 Rt.) AM/PM  - Debbie Sharp

#6 AM/PM - Betsy Ellis

#8 Handicap, Early Childhood, Pre-School  - Debbie Sharp

(AM/PM) Pick-up and Drop-off times are approximate. Please allow +/- 5 minutes.

(Listed roads in bold print are traveled on a normal basis.)

Bus #3 Route - Southeast

Dinwiddie Rd., Highway CC East of Rt. V, Highway V (6:20am/4:30pm), Gordon Rd. (6:23am/4:40pm), Graybill Rd. (6:35am/4:35pm), West Rd. (6:40am/4:10pm), Winn Rd. (6:45am/4:15pm), Tucker School Rd. (6:50am/4:10pm), Pinnacles Rd. (6:55am/4:25pm), Breedlove Rd., Thomas Hill Rd. (7:00am/4:25pm), Locust Grove Rd. (7:05am/4:20pm), McComas Rd. east of Highway 63, Monroe Rd., Sturgeon Cemetery Rd.(7:10am/4:05pm), and Pinebrook Trailer Court (7:13am/4:55pm)

Bus #9 Route - Northwest

Route B (6:25am/4:00pm), Randolph Co. Roads 2695 (6:27am/4:05pm), 2675 (6:30am/4:10pm), 2690, PR 2941 (6:35am/4:15pm), 2950 (6:38am/4:20pm), 2955 (6:40am/4:30pm), 2965 (6:45am/4:25pm), 2970, 2980 (6:50am/4:35pm), County Line Road West of Co. Rd. 2980 (6:55am/4:40pm), Boone Road, Highway Rt. F (6:57am/4:45pm), Bourbon Road – north of “S” curve (7:00am/4:47pm), Highway Rt. F-east of Bourbon Road (7:05am/4:50pm)

Bus #4 Route - Northeast

Highway 22 East of Sturgeon, Keil Rd., Schlinemeyer Rd., South Side of E. Highway 151 (6:30am/4:40pm), West Side of N. Highway 151Audrain Co. Roads 165 (6:35am/4:35pm), 161, 114, 116 (6:37am/4:30pm), 118, 124,132, Highway Rt. Y (6:40am/4:25pm), Audrain Co. Rd. 110, 179 (6:45am/4:20pm), Randolph Co. Road 2995, County Line Road East of Co. Rd. 2980 (7:00am/4:00pm), Benson Road (7:08am/3:58pm), Nana’s House Day Care on Francis Street (7:13am/3:55pm), E&G Road (7:15am/3:53pm)

Bus #1 Route - Southwest

Harper Rd. / Roy Barnes Road (6:20am/4:00pm), Everett Carr Road (6:22am/4:02pm), Bourbon Road – south of “S” curve (6:25am/4:05pm), Ponderosa Rd. (6:30am/4:10pm), Highway NN (6:40am/4:15pm), Creed Rd., Riley Rd., Crofton Hall Rd. (6:45am/4:20pm), McComas Rd. West of Hwy. 63, Old Highway 63 South of CC (6:50am/4:25pm), Williams Rd. (6:55am/4:30pm), Old # 7 Rd. (7:00am/4:35pm), Highway 63 South of Sturgeon, Canole Rd (7:05am/4:45pm), Highway CC between Hwy. 63 and Sturgeon/Trails End and Lover’s Lane (7:10am/3:57pm)

Bus #6 Route – Clark/North

Randolph Co. Roads 2760, 2770 (6:35am/4:25pm), 2778 (6:40am/4:20pm), 2780, 2782, Highway Rt. P North of Clark (6:45am/4:15pm), Town of Clark (THREE STOPS: Stop #1 – Intersection of Hwy. P and School House Road just North of the Rail Road Tracks (6:50am/4:10pm), Stop #2 - Park Stop (6:55am/4:08pm), & Stop #3 - Intersection of S. Morris St. and Old Highway 63 S. at the South edge of Clark (7:00am/4:05pm), Old Highway 63 S. - South of Clark, Randolph Co. Rd. 2793 (7:05am/4:00pm)

For additional information regarding School Buses and Routes, please contact Jeff Carr, Transportation Director, at 573-687-3519, 573-687-2155, 573-687-3515 or at jcarr@sturgeon.k12.mo.us