WELCOME! to the Sturgeon Alumni Association Page

Sturgeon School was established in 1857 and we are proud to be part of a group that is rich in tradition and remains active in the community today. Once you graduate you become part of the Sturgeon Alumni Association. You should receive a yearly letter telling you about the annual banquet and business meeting which is held every year on Mother's Day weekend in Sturgeon. Of course no association runs without funds; yearly dues of $10 per year, per grad plus a cost of around $15 per plate for the dinner is charged. This yearly event creates an arena for you and your fellow classmates to reunite at least once a year. The funds collected go to continue to support the scholarship program and the community.

If you are not receiving the yearly letter/invitation please message us at sturgeonrvalumni@gmail.com or mail to PO Box 297 Sturgeon MO 65284

Archive Yearbook Access through Daniel Boone Regional Library click here

Not all yearbooks are on the site. If you have yearbooks that are not pictured contact us or Daniel Boone Regional Library if you would allow them to scan your yearbook into the system. It would be wonderful if we could get all the missing yearbooks on the site.


Sturgeon Alumni Association

PO Box 297 Sturgeon MO 65284

email sturgeonrvalumni@gmail.com

you can also visit our Sturgeon Alumni facebook page.