Access to the Internet is an unparalleled opportunity to interact with the world. The opportunity brings with it a number of responsibilities. Your access to the electronic network and resources within the Sturgeon R-V Schools MAY BE REVOKED for abusive conduct. Suspensions may also be a result of inappropriate conduct. Remember that our Internet Provider is MoreNet and they DO track any misuse!

ABUSES include, but are not limited to, the following examples:

1. Accessing private files (even if those files are unprotected).

2. Accessing or participating in electronic mail without teacher instruction or supervision.

3. Attempting to break the security system.

4. Illegally copying software.

5. Placing unlawful information on or throughout the computer system.

6. Using obscene, abusive or otherwise objectionable language or messages.

7. Accessing pornographic materials.

8. Accessing inappropriate text files.

9. Attempting to harm or destroy data, files or another user.

10. Uploading or downloading games, programs, or computer viruses.

11. Harming or destroying the Wide Area Network or other networks connected to the Wide Area Network.

12. Harming or destroying computer hardware and other peripherals—as well as NO food and drink around or near the computer hardware or peripherals.

13. Using the network to facilitate illegal activity.

14. Using the network for commercial or “profit” purposes.

15. Using the network for product advertisement.

16. Misrepresenting other users on the network.

17. Intentionally modifying passwords belonging to other users.

18. Accessing and participating in relationship pages, instant messaging, chat rooms (or any other way to distribute PERSONAL information or trying to meet or contact people through these pages, so that you can be contacted by other participants--inside or outside our Local Area Network).

I have read the guidelines above and understand the consequences that may be a result of not following them.

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