Homework and Grading Policies

“All Bulldogs succeed in learning through commitment, accountability, and teamwork.”

Sturgeon R-V Elementary and Middle School Homework and Grading Policies

Guidelines for the Assignment of Homework and Responsibilities of Students, Staff, Parents, and Administration

I. Purpose:

  • Homework contributes toward building accountability, self-discipline and lifelong learning habits. It is the intention of the Sturgeon R-V Elementary and Middle School staff to assign relevant, meaningful homework assignments that reinforce classroom learning objectives. 

  • Homework should provide students with the opportunity to apply information they have learned, complete unfinished class assignments, and develop independence. 

  • Homework grades are modified based on students’ individual needs (i.e. ELL, IEP, 504 Plans).

Homework assignments include:

- Practice exercises to follow classroom instruction

- Review of various skills and concepts to prepare for assessments

- Extension assignments to transfer new skills or concepts to new situations

- Creative activities to integrate many skills toward the production of a response or product

II. Responsibilities of Stakeholders

Responsibilities of Administration:

- Will enforce the homework policy and procedures

- Will meet with students who are habitual offenders

- Will meet and communicate with parents

- Monitor student progress

- Will provide feedback to staff

Responsibilities of Staff:

- Assign relevant and meaningful homework that reinforces classroom learning

- Give clear instructions and make sure students understand the purpose

- Give feedback and/or correct homework

- Communicate with other teachers

- Involve parents and contact them if a pattern of late or incomplete homework develops

Responsibilities of Students:

- Write down assignments in the “Sturgeon RV School Student Agenda” (grades 2-8)

- Be sure all assignments are clear; don’t be afraid to ask questions if necessary

- Set aside a regular time for studying

- Find a quiet, well-lit study area

- Work on homework independently whenever possible, so that it reflects student ability.

- Produce quality work.

- Make sure assignments are done according to the given instructions and completed on

Responsibilities of Parents:

- Set a regular, uninterrupted study time each day

- Establish a quiet, well-lit study area

- Monitor student’s organization and daily list of assignments in their agenda and MS homework site

- Help student work to find the answer, not just get it done

- Be supportive when the student gets frustrated with difficult assignments

- Contact teacher to stay well informed about the student’s learning process